Brand Designer

Earning Designs - Job Openings for Designer in Bangalore
Earning Designs - Job Openings for Designer in Bangalore

What you’ll be doing

1. Hands-on in developing concepts and designs for Brands, Advertisements, Marketing materials, social media calendars & promotional videos.

2. Collaborating with the client, and other team coordinators to obtain knowledge of the requirements to understand the relevant deliverable artwork.

3. Storyboarding, Visualizing, Designing, or translating ideas to the creative team of designers and artists.

4. Leading multiple projects from conception to completion in accordance with deadlines.

5. Evaluating and if necessary, altering the content of projects before completion.

6. Developing and managing the creative team.

7. Ensuring that all the organizations or clients visuals are consistent with the overall brand.

8. Overseeing Shoots, if necessary.

9. Signing off projects before they are presented to the client.

10. Conceiving and implementing great concepts, guidelines, and strategies in various creative projects and overseeing them to completion.

11. Directing and motivating teams of illustrators, scriptwriters, etc. to help them use their talents effectively.

12. Leading brainstorming/creative sessions to generate ideas.

Writing and designing a unique and well-crafted copy that meets the management’s needs and objectives.

13. Revising content and presentations, approving/rejecting ideas, and providing feedback to the team.

14. Training and guiding subordinates into accomplished professionals.

15. Monitoring results of team efforts and proposing actions for the future.

Good to Have:

Ø  Excellent working knowledge of creative software such as XD, FCP, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.

Ø  Outstanding teaming skills, leadership, and organization skills.

Ø  Exemplary interpersonal and analytical abilities.


Are you the right person for the job?

Must-Have Proven experience as a Creative designer, senior graphic designer, or in a similar creative role, Hands-on experience in the creative process, marketing, graphic design, and brand development Excellent working knowledge of software such as XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier Pro, FCP, etc. Outstanding leadership and organization skills Exemplary interpersonal and analytical abilities Bachelor's Degree in advertising, fine art, design, or relevant field Good to Have a Master’s Degree in an art/design-related discipline will be considered an added asset Experience working in an Ed-tech/media start-up is an added advantage.